twenty seventeen

Bye 2016. ::waves:: Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Maybe 2016 wasn’t such a dumpster fire.

Then again, maybe it was.

Though I’m glad to give it a big fuck you and swift kick to the teeth, 2016 wasn’t sooo bad. I got to see a close friend get married, photograph some gorgeous venues, see countless friends start families, shoot a destination wedding in Punta Cana, and see my work evolve into what I’ve been dreaming of. I’ve pushed myself this year to scrap the poses and get up close. The Blissful Maven has inspired me so much the past couple of years; I finally feel like I’m getting it right. 2017 is my year to hone in on it and find the emotion in each session.

I feel like I’m finally producing the kind of work that speaks to my heart. Up close and personal, emotional, intimate and meaningful.

Wesley and Brit tied the knot and had me up until 3am wondering who took the images on my camera……


Mariah and I got to team up again and watch my close friend from college get married….

I photographed a couple of my close friends and got to watch as they started a family….

Watched the sun rise in Punta Cana…

And photograph a wedding on the beach.

For someone who has finally found the place they want to be in their work, I’m surprised at how much more this makes me happy, than if I were to be fully booked to a full-time photographer. I would rather find the emotion between two people and create something that speaks to me, than take a wedding every weekend so I can call myself full-time.


I’m finally finding my voice.


Happy 2017 everyone.

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