amber + bryan 9.22.12

amber + bryan 9.22.12

last weekend i had my first wedding. my wonderful friend mariah from Oh, What Love was my second shooter, and thanks to her wedding expertise and my posing guides i made from pinterest (HUGE HELP!), it went better than i expected! there were stressful moments and butterflies but i’m happy to say i shot my first wedding with her help.


i’ve known bryan since college and did his and amber’s engagements when he proposed. shortly after, they asked me to be their wedding photographer. it was such a blast, and the fact that i’ve known them both so long made it that much better and made it that much more meaningful for me when i got to be there for their special day and see the special moments they shared. i’m honored that they wanted me there, and that they had such faith in my ability to trust me with such an important moment in their lives.


i almost cried when bryan watched amber walk down the aisle with tears in his eyes, and during their first dance. congratulations bateys! love you both and i will never forget your faith in me on your big day!!


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