#AnniversaryPhotos: Still in love four years later….

#AnniversaryPhotos: Still in love four years later….

Back in town! Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a few days – I went to Florida to celebrate my birthday and shoot some photos with a couple friends of mine I haven’t seen in forever. It was such a nice break! Sara & John are two of my favorite people….I love them both so much! They are so warm and genuine and caring. And play really fun drinking games.

The weather was perfect and the trip went by so quickly. I got a funny tan and turned 30. No biggie. 

Sara & John asked me to take a few photos of them during my trip – they just had their 4 year anniversary this week, so we went out to the beach to play a bit. They are one of the best couples I know and they’re so loving, you can truly tell how much they love each other. I got so many photos that just define them…..I’m obsessed! 



beach anniversary photography

four years later…

anniversary photography on the beach

fourth anniversary love

anniversary photography

anniversary photos: even more in love



The love between these two gives me goosebumps. I love seeing how in love they still are. I love seeing the way John makes Sara laugh and I love seeing the way John looks at her. Time goes by so quickly…I can’t believe they were married four years ago! Thank you both for making my birthday so special! <3




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