Fall is officially here. We’ve had our first few cold and windy days, followed by sunny and warm. The leaves on the trees are turning fast and the colors of fall are always beautiful. My favorite place to be in the fall is always Iowa State. I love seeing the colors of the campus during the fall, especially when it marks the start of FOOTBALL SEASON! okay, I’m not a die hard, and I can be kind of stupid about it (I used to think the first down line was painted on the field), but there’s nothing better than a good old in-state rivalry between Iowa and ISU. Fans and alumni show up in full force; I have rarely missed an Iowa/ISU tailgate. You can’t find anyone to save your life and forget about using your phone because nobody’s phone gets service. It’s one of the best weekends of the year.

This weekend, we took advantage of the fall colors to capture Micyla and Aaron’s engagement photos! I have known Micyla since high school and can’t think of anyone who deserves to be happy more than her. They’re getting married June 2015 and I cannot wait to witness it. Love you both!

iowa engagement photography
engagement photos in the fall
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