good ole facebook

good ole facebook

ever since i created my photography page, alexandra images, i’ve connected with even more people that value this art as much as i do. sometimes for me, i get lost trying to describe exactly how i feel, and i think thats why i cling to images and beautiful lyrics to help me express myself. if theres one thing the people close to me know, its that i feel a lot. i feel everything way down deep in my soul. i had someone once tell me that they had never met someone who could reach as deep down in their soul as i do. <3


anyway in the course of launching alexandra images i have met a lot of new people and facebook makes it easier to connect with those people based on passion. i have recently ‘met’ the owner and creator of {Oh, What Love Studios}, Mariah Danielsen. her blog is a girly girl’s dream. she made dreaming of your wedding day as a little girl her full time job (how fun is that??) the funny thing is we haven’t even met face to face yet, but you’d think we had. our pinterest¬†accounts are virtually the same. we probably should just have one account. clothes, shoes, bags, color palettes, photography, you name it, we’re constantly re-pinning each other’s finds. one of our goals in 2012 is to collaborate on a project together (we already have one in mind). it seems as though the common themes in both our lives is ‘love’. she loves song lyrics as much as i do. in fact, i’m pretty mad at alyssa marie for not introducing us sooner…..come to think of it, you probably should have slapped her.


check out Mariah’s recent guest post here¬†– on turning your passion into a paycheck


sidenote: please please, visit my friend Tim Stopulos’s website and listen to his work from his new cd, songs of separation – Unconditional is by far my favorite and i could listen to it all day. he writes beautifully.


song lyrics. seriously. if i had any talent at all i would write music and sing my heart out. thankfully, there are more talented people who do.


please check out the work of my friends! i am blessed to know some extremely talented people, who inspire me more every day. and the beauty of facebook is constantly meeting new people, who inspire me to keep pursuing this dream. baring my soul.




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