if you’re a bird, i’m a bird.

if you’re a bird, i’m a bird.

when you get right down to it, photography isn’t about any of that technical bullsh*t. its about feeling. emotion. passion. love. the fierce need and pull to express a part of your soul through an image. to tell a story through an image or a series of images. you could have perfect composition, exposure and lighting but my favorite images are the ones that dont even need to be perfect because what they say is, how they make you feel is perfect.


this weekend i visited a friend of mine in iowa city for her birthday. sara and i worked together for a short time at a local agency before i was laid off, and i fully believe the reason i worked there was to meet her. to me, life is about the things and people you experience and sara and her husband john are two people very close to my heart.


these images were taken through a window at their wedding reception about two years ago. their photographer was amazing (Off the Square Portrait Studio), but i brought my camera along just in case. they aren’t tack sharp, the exposure isn’t perfect, the composition is lacking. but they are by far my favorite and the most meaningful images i’ve taken because of what they mean to me. sara and john are two of the most genuine, real and wonderful people i know and i couldn’t be more blessed to have them in my life. these images are exactly what i love about photography, small moments that show how much a couple loves each other, things that nobody else sees.


“Maybe mistakes are what make our fate… without them what would shape our lives? Maybe if we had never veered off course we wouldn’t fall in love, have babies, or be who we are. After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart… and if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.” -SATC


at the bottom of it all, if an image pulls at your heart, even if to break it, well, does the rest even matter that much?






















































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