what’s your inspiration? mine is hard to describe, but as i mentioned in the “about” section, it’s those fleeting moments of emotion on a person’s face; in that second, you can tell exactly how they’re feeling.


feeling, emotion….this is what inspires me and moves me enough to want to capture and preserve these memories forever. i want to bottle them up and revisit them someday. and feel all those things again. i want to capture all that feeling in a photograph.


in my research and googling to self-educate, i stumbled across this blog post from Kelly at Kelly Sauer Ltd. she described her ideal bride, her inspiration and her love for “the girl in the white dress.”


Kelly Sauer | Real Life, Fine Art – FAQ: My Ideal Bride


“she loves her bare feet and dances in rain, and she’ll be married in the morning so she can wear the dress all day, this girl with the little bit of dream tangled all up with her real life.”


“she’d hold the whole world in her heart if she could”


thank you Kelly for your words and wonderful post!

  • Kelly Sauer
    Posted at 06:21h, 06 December Reply

    Thanks for the visit and shout-out, Alexandra! I love meeting people who get my heart!

    • Alexandra
      Posted at 22:14h, 06 December Reply

      And I love meeting people who get mine! And can put it into words as eloquently as you did!

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