merry christmas, happy holidays

merry christmas, happy holidays

i am NOT listening to boy band music.


hope everyone is staying warm through the holidays, because i sure am NOT. it is bitter here in the frozen tundra. and by the frozen tundra i mean in the house where we are too poor for heat. not really but every time my family comes over they yell at me to turn it down. ok mr. energy efficiency how about you save ME some green and just FILE that utility bill. no? okay.


i can’t believe how fast christmas is coming, but i wish it would snow. i love seeing the ground and all the trees with a fresh blanket of snow and i can’t wait to get some pictures with the fresh snow!!

i discovered this spot this past fall! i’m in love with it!

anyone else addicted to pinterest? i’m in love with it. i would probably marry it. if it had a tan and a six pack. anyways, its become a great resource for me. it’s incredibly inspiring to see everyones photos and there are a lot of tutorials to be found as well. its full of design ideas, wedding ideas, basically ALL THINGS PRETTY!!! i love pinning all the design ideas, all the light pastels and romantic colors that i’m just in love with.

ok nothing else interesting to say. toodles.

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