stay motivated.

stay motivated.

i’m not dead. don’t worry. i know you were.


i’ve had a little trouble staying motivated lately. the summer has passed me by in a whirlwind and i got distracted. i quit my full time job so that i could spend more time focusing and developing my photography skills and i’ve come in a little behind. i have had trouble staying motivated and on track with my goals.


thursday night, i had the best conversation i’ve had since i can remember. Oh, What Love and The Create + Connect Project  founder mariah danielson and i met for coffee (ok WINE) to chat, talk about a wedding we’re shooting together, and ultimately pick each other’s brains.


i went home so exhilarated, excited and refreshed. i felt enlightened and motivated. i connected with this girl on literally every level. we both feel passionate about the same things, love the same things, and long for the same things in life. something more. we both struggle to stay motivated, keep our eye on the prize, and pour our hearts and souls into something wholeheartedly.


with our location and the economy, turning “passion into profit” is difficult for us. but its important for us to stay focused on what we want out of this life. i want something that fills my heart and expresses the way i feel inside. balancing building that creativity with paying the bills is the current struggle. i see so many friends around me who are working their way up the corporate ladders, moving up in life and aren’t struggling to pay bills and borrowing money from their parents. but i have to stop and remind myself that i want something different out of life, and i’m on my way to find it. and that’s okay.


so mariah and i have made a pact to stay motivated. to meet weekly, to keep each other focused on what really matters in life. mariah, darling, this is the first time i’ve met someone who feels the same way i do about life and passion and creativity, whose own heart speaks to my own. lyrics, quotes, photographs…everything. i’m glad i’ve found a friend in this journey! <3


on a completely unrelated topic i’ve also stumbled upon So Worth Loving … amazing message that nobody should ever forget….you are worthy of loving. don’t listen to the voices in your head, don’t let them take over your brain. anybody who knows me, knows how much this message means to me personally.





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  • Mariah
    Posted at 19:16h, 16 September Reply

    AHH! Love it! I’m so excited to find someone with the same passion! Can’t wait to see you Friday- and welcome back to blogging! 🙂

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