Paige + Jonny

I’m so excited to work with this couple!!

I’ve recently become super duper stalker-like obsessed with The Blissful Maven aka Candice Zugich aka The Emotional Artist. I don’t know how I found her or why, but I know I was meant to find her. When I read her words and see her photos, it’s like shes speaking straight to my heart. I’ve always been a person that feels everything very deeply, and I’ve always searched for a way to express that through my photography, and to find a creative outlet for everything I feel. I’ve struggled to find the words to describe what my passion for photography is about. She has the beautiful gift of putting everything into words. She bares her soul to the world and she’s my new hero. It’s times like this that make me so thankful for Facebook because I would never have met a lot of the people or connected with some of the people I am so close with otherwise. I am so inspired by Candice, so moved by her journey. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks about her work, her only goal in life is to see herself, her heart, her soul in her work. To look at her work and feel happy, and feel fulfilled. And I ask you, how many people find something to do that fulfills them completely and makes them feel as though they’ve poured their entire soul out and created something out of it.

I’ve struggled to do this for a long time. Candice recently did a mentoring session on this. And just reading her words inspired me.

There are beautiful photos, and there are raw photos. I want to put my heart and soul into photographs. Candice says she hopes that we can see her heart & soul in the work she does. She speaks directly to and from my heart.

So. This is the first shoot I did after being so inspired by this amazing woman.

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