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“Ten oughta do it don’t you think?
You think we need one more?
You think we need one more.
Alright, we’ll get one more.”

Oh Danny Ocean and your squad of hoodlums.

There’s nothing like being home for the weekend, lounging on your parents couch watching all the gloriousness cable has to offer. At least, when you haven’t been home every other weekend.

I don’t do a lot of childrens photography; but I can’t resist posting these few. I’ve been photographing this little man since he was born four years ago. And now he has two precious twin baby brothers he calls his “babies. He is the happiest little boy who adores his daddy, loves his mommy more than anything else in the world and he’s pretty sensitive and hardcore all in one. I don’t know any other toddler who gets down and bangs his head on the concrete when you tell him ‘no’. He has gone from a struggling preemie to such a little gentleman who loves his babies. I love you Jackie boy and I’m so proud of you! Aunt wexie is so happy she gets to see you grow up!

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